About us

Tucker Partners is a Melbourne law firm founded by Chris Tucker, who has been practising as a partner since 1983. We are a small firm with big expertise. Because of this, our clients receive the attention they deserve and the very best legal services which are tailored to their individual needs.

Individual solutions

We look beyond the necessary legal issues in each case to thoroughly understand the people we represent. It means we’re able to develop best-fit solutions that balance personal and commercial interests. It ensures our advice is specific to each circumstance for a result that makes sense to our client.

Strong relationships

Our lawyers deal directly with clients on an individual basis. Our legal team is readily on hand to give people access to the advice and expertise they need. Being open gives our clients greater certainty – and with strong relationships, we build strong cases. We’ve always invested time into our clients. Today long-standing, trusted relationships have come to define our way of business. 

Clear communication 

We work hard to keep clients informed. Not only in client led matters, but whenever we consider that issues may impact outcomes. Being proactive comes from experience. It is seeing potential challenges, and ensuring clients have all the relevant information. With clear communication that puts matters in common terms, we keep an open dialogue that clients can trust.

Excellent value 

We take a measured approach to servicing for our clients. We’re careful to assess the circumstances of each case to ensure a reasonable response. Our experience provides balance. It allows us to deliver excellent value on excellent legal representation.