Building defects and slab issues - The warning signs to watch out for

Whether you have purchased an apartment as an investment or purchased your first home, defective building works can have a serious impact on your financial position, as well as your ability to enjoy your property (whether as a home or as an investment).

The causes of slab heave and/or structural distress can be varied and include: defective construction, defective design, failure to take into account relevant soil conditions and/or insufficient site drainage (either during or post construction).

Common signs that your home may be affected by slab heave and/or structural distress include:

  • cracking in walls, floors, brickwork or carport slabs;
  • doors jamming and not closing properly;
  • uneven floors; and/or
  • damaged cornices.

If your home is suffering from slab heave or structural distress, depending on the circumstances of your case, you may have a claim against the builder, architect, engineer and/or building surveyor that were engaged in the construction of your property (even if you didn't contract directly with these parties).

If you would like to discuss any issues you are experiencing at your home or would like a referral to a suitably qualified and experienced structural engineer, please do not hesitate to contact Tim Landy on (03) 9691 5959 or by email at

Tim Landy is a commercial litigation lawyer and has experience acting for and advising owners of homes and apartments that are affected by defective building works, including slab heave and/or structural distress.

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