Independent trustee services

Why choose an independent trustee?

The role of trustee, executor or attorney is often a demanding one. A trustee has extensive legal and financial obligations and must act in the best interests of all beneficiaries. This can be a difficult task without the right expertise and experience.  An independent trustee can provide a clearer path and greater certainty in following processes and carrying out wishes, without any conflict of interest.

How can Tucker Partners help? 

We accept appointment as independent trustee after thorough consultation with our clients. An independent trustee is often preferred where there is a conflict between family members or complex legal or financial circumstances. We take time to understand each client’s circumstances as part of offering sound legal advice. 


Our experienced team provides comprehensive expertise in wills and estate planning, deceased estates, property and leasing, litigation and dispute resolution. Our responsible approach to servicing and personalised care is part of the attention to detail that our clients have come to trust. 

Legal advice

We always recommend clients accepting the role of executor, trustee or attorney take care to familiarise themselves with the duties and obligations of the task. We work to support clients through that process. We can be involved as much or as little as our clients desire. We tailor advice to suit each person’s needs and budget.